My dreams redefined

The day is over and the sun slowly escapes the sight of mankind. Many hardly notice it as they quickly skelter to find shelter for their heads, those with possessions put them under locks, fearing the treacherous evil of the night. The devil that snatches when every soul is deep asleep and lost in a labyrinth of their own dreams. I sit by myself and paint. Like many paintings before, this one too looks a bit indiscernible, my eyes slowly zone out to the setting sun, i fear it’s still too bright to shelter from the moon. Of course my fear lies not in cloudy nights, that’s for sailors to fear. But am i a sailor? Because i draw a ship on the ocean? My eyes rest again on my painting. Beside my stool is a whole collection of colours. The sun eager to set, now casts an orange tint over my canvas. Still i don’t move, in my head all i see is a beautiful ship, bearing much beauty than king Solomon’s temple. My hand trembles as i reach down for the colour yellow…but i tear down the canvas and start another. I paint quickly a landscape and i see it’s beautiful. My soul lifts at its magnificence and the brushes move quickly than they usually do. The dark cast a dark shadow as the heavens tear up in torrents ; i scram inside for shelter. Darn!!! my piece is ruined!! Oh well! I have to paint another, I cannot let this darkness darken me.


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