I came to the crossroads yesterday at midnight,
In my heart of hearts I knew where I would find my loving knight,
In my heart of hearts I knew where I would find my quickening dust.
But still I pondered with the burden of choice registered in my thought.
The crossroads, which path with push me to an end without sight?

I walked along the road on the left having decided not to look back,
In my hand a charmed bracelet from the Hazel’s bark,
To keep my mind awake to the secrets of the track, on I walk.
The devil is resting on my shoulder and I without a care for the humming dark angel’s mark.
I trudge on from the cross road, inside of me my impulses ache.

I walked along the road on the right for the stars lead me so,
The devil resting on my shoulder whistles a long moan and the demons trailing us reply so,
Ahead of us an ominous light shines and an inn appears with a placard that reads ‘So and So’,
The devil urges me on but the angels bid me to stop and drink beer of fermented dough,
They tell me my knight is waiting nearby with apple strudels roasted doe.

The angels sing and the devils moan,
My heart aches a little more for a brighter moon,
I am still at the crossroads, where choice and doubt are all but burden,
I wish to move on to an unending story line,
But I am at the crossroads waiting for the sun to hearken.


One thought on “THE CROSSROADS

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  1. Intriguing…although i wuld wish if yu shift from the conventional ending of suspense in poems…but i must stay im addicted wors by word.


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