GODESSThe young goddess painfully ran away from Olympus only to be brought back by the chastising whip of her father’s thunderbolt.

It made no difference to hurl away her satchel or to howl at the accursed skies as if they were the source of her misery.

Such a dainty young goddess such as herself, a recluse among the gods hidden on Olympus.


Her lover waited for her for too long, all the while,

He kept his gaze fixated on Olympus.

Olympus the heart of the gods, Olympus the home of the gods,

Olympus where his heart beat, Olympus that snared his cherry blossom.


for too long did he keep at the wait.

Sadly for him and for Eros,

mortal as he is, immortal as the other is.

He shriveled under the scorching sun and was battered by the bitter rains.

Son of man, son of woman, how patiently he waited for the young goddess,

How patiently he died. Pity not even the trees sung his odes.


Not the birds whistled his tunes,

He lay there, a pile of bones,

A lost cause, a lost love. yet on Olympus,

They fed his cherry blossom with cherries,

And the blossoming flowers sang as she walked around the halls of Olympus.



Alone i stoop with a  beast o’er my shoulder,

This beast, it makes me run in an alley with no end,

This beast, it makes me take turns i do not see,

This beast, it clutches my muscles and my energy depletes.



I can only imagine the wonders in Mr Ridley’s head,
The victims were weeping soundly in the court room,
‘Why do they weep? Bloody lass only has to sit pretty there,,
‘I am going away for a long time,’
‘Oh dear, there’s mama, look how happy she is.’
‘Very happy to get rid of me.’
“Well screw you mama!!! I hated living with you!”
“Order in my court Mr Ridley!”
“Apologies m’lord.”
‘Oh what a lovely hair pin pretty miss Penrose has on today, must have gotten it from that fat butcher’s boy’,
‘I am going away so soon, so soon,’
“Mr Ridley, why are you sobbing in my court?”
“It is just that m’lord, jail is not a place for a sickly fella such as I am,”
“Mr Ridley, jail will be quite nice for you, help you change.”
“But m’lord, the food is ghastly, I’ll start showing bones in a three days.”
“Spare a humble sickly man, I promise to be good”
“Mr Ridley, you do not deserve any mercy…”
“Mama don’t let them put away with them vagrants… Mama!!”
“In any case, if I could find you guilty as hell, I would do so,”



Oh thou, mortal man of few words and many skins,
Thou lark upon the heart of the gods.
I conceived the first days of lore and saw the world in duplicity
When the light washed over and the darkness fled.
Love and fear, we called it.

The skins, mortal man, we were given by your gods,
Each of us, a hundred skins.
We still wear them everyday like cloaks of infinity,
Yes, thought hidden by deed.
Love and fear, we call it.

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