GODESSThe young goddess painfully ran away from Olympus only to be brought back by the chastising whip of her father’s thunderbolt.

It made no difference to hurl away her satchel or to howl at the accursed skies as if they were the source of her misery.

Such a dainty young goddess such as herself, a recluse among the gods hidden on Olympus.


Her lover waited for her for too long, all the while,

He kept his gaze fixated on Olympus.

Olympus the heart of the gods, Olympus the home of the gods,

Olympus where his heart beat, Olympus that snared his cherry blossom.


for too long did he keep at the wait.

Sadly for him and for Eros,

mortal as he is, immortal as the other is.

He shriveled under the scorching sun and was battered by the bitter rains.

Son of man, son of woman, how patiently he waited for the young goddess,

How patiently he died. Pity not even the trees sung his odes.


Not the birds whistled his tunes,

He lay there, a pile of bones,

A lost cause, a lost love. yet on Olympus,

They fed his cherry blossom with cherries,

And the blossoming flowers sang as she walked around the halls of Olympus.


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