le ombre divergenI remember the first day i saw you,

A smile as dark as the dusk with a vibrancy rivaling that of the morning dew,

I saw you in a strange contrast to my dark emptiness.

I did not think how much of you would be changed in me since when you were pointed out to me.

clueless as I am, as I ever am, I noticed you.

Sweet dear, if e’er time allows us,

Forgive me for taking too long..



Once upon a year many years ago,
When I was just but a boy struggling with struggle that bore heavily on my heart and my young loins,
I tried to woe the love of the girl I had known all along in my heart and before my eyes.
Fate bade me wait yet destiny pushed me with an impertinent impatience.
Dearest me as I was then caught between the mistress and the master,
I stood undecided as my young loins throbbed with a heat I’ve never known before or ever again.
I gyrated against desks and benches when that beautiful lass passed in my mind.
Oh dear Constella, where thou art?

My sweet cherished cherry blossom, beam of my heart,
I can hardly remember a time spent in such oblivious bliss.
Now I spend my days in muses that offer not the consolation of my younger days and your blissful memory.
It is as if all is lost to me when I deigned to find myself.

Here I am, in a palace built by my own might.
Marbles upon layers of gold and diamond and the rarest gems and stones.
A philosopher I have become.
I chastise myself at our memory Constella.
I have dark thoughts clouding my heart but my eyes are as clear as day.

I cannot remember a single happy thought from the days after you left me.
Where thou art Constella?
Your brother pays constant pilgrimages to me but even he cannot console me for your departure.
I am a shell of goodness,
Like a matryoshka with naught to show.
Oh robin, oh sparrow , oh lark of my heart!
Once upon a year many years ago,
Come back to me gentlest spirit,
I wish to only die a happy man.

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