I have chosen a few good tigers with sharp claws and strong jaws,

I have chosen the chief’s son because he is golden,

I have chosen my son because he is fearless,

I am leading them because there is no other warlord.


I have fucked my wife the whole night because i will not be back,

I have killed all my debtors because they lack honor,

I have taken their measly snow fields and given them to my cubs,

I am the only warlord in a thousand leagues.


I have responded to the invitation to war because I am undaunted,

I have sharpened my claws because I mean to drown in my enemies’ blood,

I have made a habit of peace at war,

I am the warlord in a thousand leagues.


I am my mother’s eldest son,

I am my wife’s constant worry and prayer,

I am my children’s mentor – God I hope not.

I have become the unwilling warlord of the snow fields.




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