Thine and Mine,

Forever be it so,

Quiet and meek,

So shall our love Speak.


Thine and mine,

Forever be it so,

Swift and neat,

So shall our hearts beat.


Forever be it so,

Thine and mine,

Forever do the birds soar,

And our blossoms ever fain.


All things end,

All Sorrow, all happiness,

All things end,

All benevolence will end and so shall all malevolence.


I love the sun because it goes away,

I yearn for the moon because it shows me half her face,

Every time, love,  everyday adoration.

All love shall end, but so soon shall all indifference.


All the chicken will come to roost,

All the foxes will leave their holes,

The snakes and their rocks will not be one.

The snail will leave his shell.


All women will love,

All men will laugh,

Yonder the children of nature return,’

Behold the beauty, thee and me, behold our beauty.


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