I brought with me a little boy from the big town,

Big and strong he was,

He rested daily on my bosom,

He reminded me so much of a rotting boat.


Every morning I watched him watch me from the mirror’s reflection,

Taunting me, reminding me of his eternal coarseness,

His hands rested on my face and stretched beneath my bosom,

He reminded me of my rotten handicap.


Today an officer came down from Probation,

The boy, angry, mouthed a curse,

He sulked and remained mum,

He makes me think of a rotting oak.


I carry him on my skin,

He clings to my rotting carcass,

He is now part of my eternal form,

Cruel, he is all too cruel.



I got to dance at fall and I got a wish granted by a wiry fairy,

I flew away to a land of knights and damsels,

Those sully idiots took but a shower a month.

The rivers were rough and the dams were muddy,

Just a shower a month.

Then I thought to myself how much I would like to be one of the damsels.

I’d get kidnapped by a younger dragon every month.

The knight in shining armour will sweat so much getting into the cave for me.

Just to kill a dragon every month.

‘But wait, why kill all the dragons?’

‘Oh my dear lass, they are dangerous, doth not seeth?’

‘But what if I want to keep one for me?’

‘Then I suppose we will get you a puppy.’

That sully idiot got me the puppy,

I pouted like a hungry kitty,

I rode my horse like one of those short fools of King Henry,

Vi veri verniversum vivus vici.




How long has it been since Edelweiss,

Twenty years and two more,

Oh fairy, oh music!

Take me to Edelweiss.

Old and cruel, slowly I’ve become,

Rash and careless my name,

Yet Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

My dreams lie with you.

Up in the mountains I bath in snow,

I drink the rocks for Edelweiss,

Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

I’m going to sleep forever.



A little cough a day,
A small dose a day,
A big breakfast to start the day,
A light lunch to push the day,
An even lighter supper to help you sleep under the stars far away,
That is how your life goes a long way.

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