I brought with me a little boy from the big town,

Big and strong he was,

He rested daily on my bosom,

He reminded me so much of a rotting boat.


Every morning I watched him watch me from the mirror’s reflection,

Taunting me, reminding me of his eternal coarseness,

His hands rested on my face and stretched beneath my bosom,

He reminded me of my rotten handicap.


Today an officer came down from Probation,

The boy, angry, mouthed a curse,

He sulked and remained mum,

He makes me think of a rotting oak.


I carry him on my skin,

He clings to my rotting carcass,

He is now part of my eternal form,

Cruel, he is all too cruel.


death comes to all.jpg

I cannot bring my battles to you,

So I lie here and wait for your peeping death.

I cannot raise my sword against you,

So I wait for death to unsheath.


Have you ever watched a raven peck at Eagle?

If you have my dear one, You have a lived a thousand ages,

I am but a child,

As a child I eat, like a child I drink,

Like a child I think and just as children fight- so do I.

I will wait for you to die.

Death is your master.




futility of all.jpg

I do not want to die having done anything,

And I do not want to die having done nothing.

Idealism is futility,

Futility is your reality.

I admit it,

You drink from a golden chalice but your head is made of clay.

I won’t deny it,

I smear ash on my face but my heart knows not decay.

I am sorry that you are sorry,

I am also so sorry that I cannot please you.

Life is for the living,

Death is for the dead.

Do not worry about me – me who is the Reaper’s spawn.

The Seduction of Halloween

francis-bacon-figure-with-meatIt’s that time of the year again when we all get to dress up and eat candy without being judged, it’s charming as it is in it’s simplicity.

What gets me so excited about it is the whole modern concept about it; leave alone the connecting with the departed bit, I mean the dark, scary, haunting fetishism we have created for it. It is simply amazing. There is so much dark energy going on about the unfettered adult world from sexual expoits, cultic activities and quier imagery that makes this one of my favourite times of the year. The kind of imagination is simply divine if you know how to do it right. Costumes are just one part of it that has been recently marred by such subtleties it breaks my heart. I like to see ghost costumes, skeleton costumes, voodoo costumes and the like, the darker the better because I think , and this is just me speaking; Halloween is about connecting with the terrors lurking behind the numbing darkness, realizing that they are one with us.

Ordinary people are awed by beauty and pink roses, extraordinary people are attracted to what is ugly, grotesque and the unordinary

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