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I cannot bring my battles to you,

So I lie here and wait for your peeping death.

I cannot raise my sword against you,

So I wait for death to unsheath.


Have you ever watched a raven peck at Eagle?

If you have my dear one, You have a lived a thousand ages,

I am but a child,

As a child I eat, like a child I drink,

Like a child I think and just as children fight- so do I.

I will wait for you to die.

Death is your master.





Hurt that my heart does, the knowledge that I have  killed you,

Cry that my eyes do for the blood I know I poured.

Oh Captain my captain, see what I have done you!


Better that you would have been blind,

Indeed you were blind.

Did they not beg you to see?


I am but a high wretched lady,

With a heart of stone, with a dead lover who is ever too blind to see,

And all fingers are pointed at me.



Forgive me sweet Anthony.

And while you are away, remember this charred heart that loves you,

Do not suffer  very much, in eternity, soon I will join you.






Seven times in seven days, I remember every seventh,

You missed my seventh birthday and beat me for crying over it.

You carried me around every seven times, i remember every seventh,

The first seven you walked me in your bulky arms, your tot.


Seven years before, I remember the seventh,

Seven years after, the world crumbled on your feet.

Seven motionless years, I always remember the seventh,

Seven different parts of you apart.


Seven different ways, I still remember the seventh,

Seven years three times changed, gone yonder is my heart.

Seven, always the seventh, you lost hope and  I still remember the seventh,

Seven days twice, I spoke to you, you murmured recognition, then I saw you last


Seven days, five times later, your nearly made me miss the seventh,

Seventh born, seventh son of the seventh.

Seven years by ten your lived, and lost after every seventh,

Seven hundred times my heart beats for your every Seventh.


Oh my love! I cannot forget the seventh.




I rose with the birds,
I slept with the animals,
The days were bright,
And the nights pitch dark.
I wrestled with the elephants,
I danced with gazelles,
I counseled with the owls,
I played with the chimpanzees,
But I never felt so cold.
I never missed the sun so.
How I wish to fly with the butterflies again,
I lie facing the rising sun,
Though I shall never feel it on my bare skin.

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