We were once tall and proud,

We were once giants and kings,

We once lived in castles and rode on slaves,

We once ate where we had not sown,

We once drunk from the wells we did not drink.

Then the great famine came and along with it the desert locusts,

Our slaves died,

Our castles crumbled.

We survived but we became shorter,

Our noses hurt from the heat and we all shrank.

I look at my father now, once a gigantic king,

Reduced to a pile of ash for want.

We want, yet we were once kings.

We die, yet we ruled.

We barely survived our slaves,

We are now slaves to the dust daemon.




How long has it been since Edelweiss,

Twenty years and two more,

Oh fairy, oh music!

Take me to Edelweiss.

Old and cruel, slowly I’ve become,

Rash and careless my name,

Yet Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

My dreams lie with you.

Up in the mountains I bath in snow,

I drink the rocks for Edelweiss,

Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

I’m going to sleep forever.



Seven times in seven days, I remember every seventh,

You missed my seventh birthday and beat me for crying over it.

You carried me around every seven times, i remember every seventh,

The first seven you walked me in your bulky arms, your tot.


Seven years before, I remember the seventh,

Seven years after, the world crumbled on your feet.

Seven motionless years, I always remember the seventh,

Seven different parts of you apart.


Seven different ways, I still remember the seventh,

Seven years three times changed, gone yonder is my heart.

Seven, always the seventh, you lost hope and  I still remember the seventh,

Seven days twice, I spoke to you, you murmured recognition, then I saw you last


Seven days, five times later, your nearly made me miss the seventh,

Seventh born, seventh son of the seventh.

Seven years by ten your lived, and lost after every seventh,

Seven hundred times my heart beats for your every Seventh.


Oh my love! I cannot forget the seventh.




Once upon a year many years ago,
When I was just but a boy struggling with struggle that bore heavily on my heart and my young loins,
I tried to woe the love of the girl I had known all along in my heart and before my eyes.
Fate bade me wait yet destiny pushed me with an impertinent impatience.
Dearest me as I was then caught between the mistress and the master,
I stood undecided as my young loins throbbed with a heat I’ve never known before or ever again.
I gyrated against desks and benches when that beautiful lass passed in my mind.
Oh dear Constella, where thou art?

My sweet cherished cherry blossom, beam of my heart,
I can hardly remember a time spent in such oblivious bliss.
Now I spend my days in muses that offer not the consolation of my younger days and your blissful memory.
It is as if all is lost to me when I deigned to find myself.

Here I am, in a palace built by my own might.
Marbles upon layers of gold and diamond and the rarest gems and stones.
A philosopher I have become.
I chastise myself at our memory Constella.
I have dark thoughts clouding my heart but my eyes are as clear as day.

I cannot remember a single happy thought from the days after you left me.
Where thou art Constella?
Your brother pays constant pilgrimages to me but even he cannot console me for your departure.
I am a shell of goodness,
Like a matryoshka with naught to show.
Oh robin, oh sparrow , oh lark of my heart!
Once upon a year many years ago,
Come back to me gentlest spirit,
I wish to only die a happy man.

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