we searched for the ideal far and long,

Finally, after long ceaseless searching,

in the abode of our very own blind young;

there it was inviting us to mammon in a new sweet sly tongue,

we found solace in it and on it we clang.

Even when the mother died and the father went away drinking,

we found solace in the underground sun,

and we hang on to that imitation here beneath the earth,

because when you find modernity in imitation,

why bother to climb above ground?



I have an easier inclination to the dullness of the subconscious and a vibrancy to the conscious

Call me a normal human being, because that is all i am

The fruits of being i find are not in memory, not in dreams but in the lines woven by each reflex in our mortal physical forms

Our bodies responding to our thoughts and desires,

If our bodies can respond at all.

Some are not very lucky in that end but luckier than we all are in other senses.

Praise the gods for their diverse thinking.

It is only purer when it is not,

It is only holier when it is not.

We are demigods in a demigodly sort of way,

Bless us Father for we are all in all and in ourselves perfection.


DavidOne4-650x650.pngBeen a year and a half since I saw him,
I still hear his taunting voice in my head,
Urging me to jump,
Been a wild ride thus far,
O’er here I do what I think good,
Sometimes what I guess best.
I lost the starry view for a moment,
Then he urges me to jump,
Been a year and a half since I saw him,
I still see his mutilated face,
I still hear him telling me to jump.



I rose with the birds,
I slept with the animals,
The days were bright,
And the nights pitch dark.
I wrestled with the elephants,
I danced with gazelles,
I counseled with the owls,
I played with the chimpanzees,
But I never felt so cold.
I never missed the sun so.
How I wish to fly with the butterflies again,
I lie facing the rising sun,
Though I shall never feel it on my bare skin.

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