I got to dance at fall and I got a wish granted by a wiry fairy,

I flew away to a land of knights and damsels,

Those sully idiots took but a shower a month.

The rivers were rough and the dams were muddy,

Just a shower a month.

Then I thought to myself how much I would like to be one of the damsels.

I’d get kidnapped by a younger dragon every month.

The knight in shining armour will sweat so much getting into the cave for me.

Just to kill a dragon every month.

‘But wait, why kill all the dragons?’

‘Oh my dear lass, they are dangerous, doth not seeth?’

‘But what if I want to keep one for me?’

‘Then I suppose we will get you a puppy.’

That sully idiot got me the puppy,

I pouted like a hungry kitty,

I rode my horse like one of those short fools of King Henry,

Vi veri verniversum vivus vici.



You look at me and you say no, just no,

You don’t see me but still no, just no.

You cannot hear me yet no, still no,

I sing a love song but no, a still no.


I dressed the way Lulu does and you said no, just no,

I dressed the way your mother once did and you shouted no, just no.

I talked the way the robins do yet no, still no,

I cried the way fairies do but no, still no.


I mimicked the peacock, yet no,

I copied the cat but no,

You still said no, you banged the desk with your no,

You close the chapter with a firm no.




Hurt that my heart does, the knowledge that I have  killed you,

Cry that my eyes do for the blood I know I poured.

Oh Captain my captain, see what I have done you!


Better that you would have been blind,

Indeed you were blind.

Did they not beg you to see?


I am but a high wretched lady,

With a heart of stone, with a dead lover who is ever too blind to see,

And all fingers are pointed at me.



Forgive me sweet Anthony.

And while you are away, remember this charred heart that loves you,

Do not suffer  very much, in eternity, soon I will join you.






I picked my bike and in a hurried way that is rather my own made my hurried way to Loon’s house,

I got in through the window and I got in through the door,

I knocked over her precious window vases and rather displaced her door mats.

Loon did not mind, it is Oxford you see.


I spoke quietly to Loon as she likes,

Then I shouted at her a little bit because she is somewhat deaf,

I bled her ears and rather made wet her face,

Loon was unfazed, she is the loon of oxford you see.


When time came for tea, she did not brew it,

In a rather conceited way, she threw two bags into my cup.

‘What a strange thing to do Loon!’

I was  not surprised, she is a loon you see.


I spoke to her of her mother and her father and her siblings,

She spoke back at me dispassionately in terms of logic and reasonings,

‘Reasoning’ she corrected, I stared ever amazed.

Loon then took a huge swig from her bottle of gin; she always has one you see.


When it was time to say goodbye, she rose up rather too quickly,

Extended a dry yet warm handshake and a hug a squeeze too tight,

Said she would write and think of me as often as she did rub her eyes,

She is the Loon of Oxford, she often rubs her eyes you see.



I have lost my faith in you, but whatever,

I have given up on our dreams and that is fine,

I cannot give in to your troubles and my fears  anymore.

I have picked up my ticket, and off to the train station my legs lead.



I cannot keep up with the tone! That growl! Those walls…and you,

I have given up on faith! On love! On misery…on you!

I’ve lost a life! A child! A friend….and you!

So I pick the pace and go and run and flatter away from you…

I have given up on crying forever,

I have given up on our wretched lives and that’s fine.

I am happy as a clam can ever be on a wet rocky  shore!

I have jumped on the train and hallo, here I come my sweetly Swede.




I have chosen a few good tigers with sharp claws and strong jaws,

I have chosen the chief’s son because he is golden,

I have chosen my son because he is fearless,

I am leading them because there is no other warlord.


I have fucked my wife the whole night because i will not be back,

I have killed all my debtors because they lack honor,

I have taken their measly snow fields and given them to my cubs,

I am the only warlord in a thousand leagues.


I have responded to the invitation to war because I am undaunted,

I have sharpened my claws because I mean to drown in my enemies’ blood,

I have made a habit of peace at war,

I am the warlord in a thousand leagues.


I am my mother’s eldest son,

I am my wife’s constant worry and prayer,

I am my children’s mentor – God I hope not.

I have become the unwilling warlord of the snow fields.






How long has it been since Edelweiss,

Twenty years and two more,

Oh fairy, oh music!

Take me to Edelweiss.

Old and cruel, slowly I’ve become,

Rash and careless my name,

Yet Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

My dreams lie with you.

Up in the mountains I bath in snow,

I drink the rocks for Edelweiss,

Edelweiss, Edelweiss,

I’m going to sleep forever.



Seven times in seven days, I remember every seventh,

You missed my seventh birthday and beat me for crying over it.

You carried me around every seven times, i remember every seventh,

The first seven you walked me in your bulky arms, your tot.


Seven years before, I remember the seventh,

Seven years after, the world crumbled on your feet.

Seven motionless years, I always remember the seventh,

Seven different parts of you apart.


Seven different ways, I still remember the seventh,

Seven years three times changed, gone yonder is my heart.

Seven, always the seventh, you lost hope and  I still remember the seventh,

Seven days twice, I spoke to you, you murmured recognition, then I saw you last


Seven days, five times later, your nearly made me miss the seventh,

Seventh born, seventh son of the seventh.

Seven years by ten your lived, and lost after every seventh,

Seven hundred times my heart beats for your every Seventh.


Oh my love! I cannot forget the seventh.


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